Amazon Makes Big Moves to Fuel Future Growth

Samantha Miller

WA State, Seattle: This past week, the e-commerce behemoth Amazon (AMZN) made a number of significant announcements that shed light on the company’s strategic goals to promote continuing expansion into new industries in addition to its core online retail activities.

Supply Chain by Amazon is the name of Amazon’s brand new end-to-end logistics solution that was introduced on Tuesday. The purpose of the service is to give merchants with a streamlined solution for the storage, shipment, and delivery of their products across the world.

Supply Chain by Amazon is a service that provides merchants with optimal delivery and cheaper shipping costs. It does this by drawing on Amazon’s extensive knowledge in the areas of fulfillment and logistics.

On Thursday, the business also introduced significant new additions and improvements to its Buy with Prime program. With the introduction of new services such as Buy with Prime Cart, Prime members now have the ability to use the benefits of their Prime membership to buy various things directly from partner retailers.

Initial findings indicate that retailers who implemented Buy with Prime saw an increase in revenue as well as a rise in new customers.

In addition, this week Amazon announced that it will be adding Brad Smith, the former CEO of Intuit, to its board of directors. The appointment of Smith, who has worked in the healthcare industry for decades, is seen as providing support for Amazon’s objectives in the healthcare market through the company’s telehealth, prescription delivery, and primary care services.

Analysts believe that Amazon’s most recent actions are clear indications that the corporation is actively growing into new high-growth markets such as the healthcare industry and supply chain services. Amazon plans to maintain its momentum outside core e-commerce by exploiting its huge scale and technological strengths.

This will allow Amazon to do so even as the retail business becomes more mature. Amazon gives the impression that it is resolved to maintain its rapid climb, as evidenced by recent announcements targeting major growth vectors.

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