When the Market Drops, Here Are 3 Top Stocks to Buy

Apple's ecosystem of products and services has made it one of the world's most valuable companies at nearly $3 trillion

1. Apple

Revenue dipped slightly last quarter due to economic headwinds, but earnings jumped 13%

Apple's high-margin services business saw revenue spike 16%, showing the growth potential ahead

Charlie Munger "loves everything about" Costco and says he'll "never sell a share" of the hot retailer

2. Costco

Costco offers supersized savings on bulk shopping trips and is now expanding into cut-rate healthcare services

Amid surging medical bills, Costco offers members virtual doctor visits for only $29 to $79

Netflix shares have soared 60% in the past year on strong pricing power and 10 million ad-supported subscribers

3. NetFlix

After clamping down on account sharing, Netflix added nearly 11 million paid memberships last quarter

Neither Apple, Costco nor Netflix are obvious bargains today, but market pullbacks may offer better entry points