More Americans Are Optimistic About Their Personal Finances in 2024, Despite Persistent Economic Difficulties

By: Manoj Prasad

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63% of Americans rate their personal finances as good or very good in 2024, per The Harris Poll survey.

But 37% still say their finances are poor, with women, renters, rural residents, and single people more pessimistic.

85% believe they can improve their money situation this year through job changes, budgeting, debt payoff.

63% are highly confident about their job security thanks to low unemployment.

60% feel stressed grocery shopping due to high food inflation. 67% expect costs to keep rising.

Over 50% worry gas prices will spike again after recent declines.

"Consuming in denial" and relying on credit cards raising concerns about consumer debt.

Partisan split in views of national economy, with 42% of Republicans but just 28% of Democrats rating conditions poorly.

Despite lingering worries about economy, most Americans optimistic about their finances and future.