The Incredible Rise in Value of Eli Lilly Shares Over a Decade

In 2013, Eli Lilly stock traded around $50 per share. A $10K investment then would be worth $120K now.

The stock has soared over 1,100% in the past decade, crushing the broader market's returns.

Revenue and profits have grown steadily, but not enough to justify the massive share price surge.

The bulk of gains have come since 2020, accelerated by the 2022 launch of obesity drug tirzepatide.

Tirzepatide's multi-billion dollar sales potential has turbocharged Lilly's growth outlook.

The stock now trades at a sky-high valuation, concerning some analysts warning of a pullback.

But long-term prospects still look bright, with tirzepatide just starting its commercial ramp-up.

Lilly has a history of pipeline success and substantial resources to invest in new drugs.

For long-term investors, Eli Lilly remains a top healthcare pick despite the recent parabolic rise.