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She Needed a Side Hustle and Ended Up Building a $255 Million Hair Empire

By: Samantha

Alli Webb was a bored stay-at-home mom looking for a flexible side hustle in 2009

She started a mobile blowout business, going to women's homes to do $40 hair styling.

Her exceptional service built a loyal customer base in wealthy LA neighborhoods.

When clients kept asking to come to her, Alli had the idea to open a blowdry-only salon.

Her brother Michael invested $250K and Alli put in their $50K life savings to fund the first shop in 2010.

The opening day booked solid after a popular blog featured them - they instantly knew it would be a hit.

They rapidly opened 10-15 more Drybar locations as demand exploded across California.

In just 2 years, the breakneck pace was too much for Michael to manage as CEO.

Alli brought on an experienced CEO in 2013 to implement operational processes.

By 2019 Drybar had over 100 locations and a popular product line.

That year Alli sold the product division for $255 million just before the pandemic.

In 2021 she sold the franchising rights for an undisclosed amount.

Alli loves mentoring entrepreneurs now, advising them to start small and do what they love

Her story shows massive success can come from humble side hustle beginnings