You May Be Able to Earn $500 Every Month With This Smucker's Savory Dividend Recipe

Smucker posted strong fiscal Q2 earnings, beating EPS estimates and raising dividend allure

Quarterly dividend currently sits at $1.06 per share, supporting over 3.5% dividend yield

To earn $500 per month ($6K annually) at current dividend rate requires 1,415 shares

Based on latest stock price, 1,415 shares would require $164,310 investment

More realistic goal: 283 shares for $100 monthly income, needing $32,862 investment

Dividend yield changes as stock price fluctuates – rising when price falls, and vice versa

Dividend payment itself could also change over time based on corporate cash flows

Smucker boasts impressive history – 5 straight years of dividend increases and 23 year streak

For income investors, Smucker offers well-known brands plus attractive, growing dividend