You May Become Quite Wealthy If You Invest in These 3 Tech Giants

ASML makes semiconductor manufacturing equipment and has a monopoly on key EUV lithography tech.


ASML revenue grew over 20% in early 2023 as demand for advanced chips increases.

Adyen is a digital payments provider growing quickly in Europe and expanding globally.

2. Adyen

Adyen Q3 results showed 21% transaction growth and easing investment spree.

Amazon's core e-commerce business has rebounded into profitability in 2023.

3. Amazon

Amazon Web Services accounts for 60% of profits but just 13% of revenue.

AWS growth is fueled by shift to cloud services, expanding over 16% annually.

Amazon's ad business grew 26% in Q3 to $12 billion in revenue.

Amazon has leadership in key areas like e-commerce, cloud, and digital ads.