Apple and Amazon Positioned for Long-Term Growth Despite Recent Slowdowns

Apple and Amazon stocks have soared in 2023 despite economic challenges affecting sales.

Apple's iPhone sales fell less than competitors' in Q3 2023, retaining 55% US smartphone market share.

Apple dominates consumer tech categories and maintains immense brand loyalty. Expected to rebound strongly when economy improves.

Amazon posted nearly $11B in retail operating losses in 2022 but turned profitable in 2023 through cost-cutting.

Amazon shut warehouses, laid off workers and ended projects to refocus on profitable areas like North American e-commerce.

Amazon North American retail hit $4B operating income in Q3, reversing previous year's $412M loss.

Amazon is expanding aggressively in artificial intelligence through its cloud platform AWS.

With strong brands and moves into AI, Apple and Amazon are positioned for long-term growth despite recent slowdowns.

Analysts say Apple and Amazon are top investments to buy now given their resilience and outlook.