This "Boring" Stock Has Soared 700% With No One Noticing

Hidden biopharma stock Over 24 years, Amgen has destroyed the S&P 500, turning a $1,000 investment into $7,600.

Strategic expansion and blockbuster medicine approvals have raised the company's market valuation to above $140 billion.

Nearly 40% of revenue comes from outside the U.S., fueling diversified global growth unmatched by competitors

Amgen pays committed investors $247 annually on a $1,000 investment for 11 years with steadily expanding dividends.

Numerous late-stage cancer, inflammatory, and neurological medications aim to fuel organic growth beyond 2025.

Acquisitions like the recent $28 billion purchase of Horizon Therapeutics offer additional immunotherapy revenue streams

Leveraging manufacturing expertise to capture high-margin contract drug production deals from partners

Trading at reasonable forward P/E around 14 suggests room for more expansion as revenue diversifies globally

Long-term share price growth, medication innovation, and rising dividends might give patient investors outsized profits.