This Obscure Building Materials Company Has Been Quietly Crushing the Market

Builders FirstSource stock has soared over 1,200% in the last 5 years, easily beating out Tesla's 900% gain

The company is a major supplier of windows, lumber, cabinets etc. to home builders across the U.S.

With 570 locations nationwide, BFST has rapidly expanded through major acquisitions

Management sees 9% annual revenue growth and 12% yearly EBITDA gains through 2026

BFST only has 11% market share of $110B single-family construction market showing huge room for growth

Joining the prestigious S&P 500 index this month will bring increased investor attention

Structural housing shortage with a deficit of 3.5M units means years of strong demand ahead

BFST's national scale and online builder portal give competitive advantage over smaller vendors

Leading industry position, growth prospects and shareholder returns make this an appealing stock