Recent research identified the top 10 highest paying jobs you can get without a bachelor's degree.

These jobs only require an associate's degree, vocational certificate, on-the-job training, or high school diploma.

The median salaries for these roles range from around $60,000 to over $90,000 annually.

The top job is Elevator Installer and Repairer with a median salary of $91,260.

Other top jobs include Radiation Therapist, Nuclear Technician, Registered Nurse, and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

Additional high paying roles are Dental Hygienist, Electrical Power-Line Installer, Radiologic Technologist, and Paralegal or Legal Assistant.

The last two jobs are Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologist and Web Developer.

Many of these careers are in growing healthcare and technical fields.

Licensing, certification, apprenticeships, or associate's degrees are required for most roles.

Strong math, science, and technical skills are needed for jobs like Nuclear Technician.

Healthcare positions like Registered Nurse provide stable careers with good job growth.

Skilled trades jobs such as Elevator Installer offer apprenticeships and high pay.

Technical jobs like MRI Technologist use specialized technology and provide good salaries.

Legal Assistant and Paralegal positions offer faster than average growth with less formal education needed.

These well-paying jobs demonstrate there are options beyond a 4-year degree.