French Insurtech Startup Orus Raises $11.6M to Offer Business Insurance for Small Companies

Samantha Miller

Paris, France – French insurtech startup Orus has raised an $11.6 million Series A funding round (€11 million) to expand its insurance offerings for small and medium businesses in Europe. The company originally started by providing tailored insurance products for restaurant owners but has since expanded to cover other industries like retail, services, construction and more.

The latest funding round was led by Notion Capital and VR Ventures/Redstone. Existing investors like Frst, Partech and Portage also participated. Additionally, insurance experts like Thierry Daucourt from Axa, Grégoire Rastoul from Leocare and Albert Malagarriga Fandos from Elma joined the round, bringing their industry knowledge.

Orus will use the fresh funds to accelerate product development and hire talent, planning to double its current 25-person team over the next year.

Meeting Insurance Needs of Underserved Small Businesses

Small and medium businesses often struggle to find affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage that meets their unique needs. Standard business insurance packages from large providers rarely fit the bill. This leads many small companies to go underinsured or pay for unnecessary coverage.

Orus aims to solve this problem by using technology to create tailored insurance products for specific niches, starting with restaurants. The company combines its insurance expertise with data analysis to identify the risks and needs of different industries. This allows Orus to design simplified policies with relevant coverage at competitive rates.

Since its founding in 2020, Orus has expanded from restaurants to offer tailored policies for retailers, freelancers, construction contractors, personal services and more. It now provides general liability, business owners, workers compensation, health insurance and plans to offer decennial liability insurance soon.

Striking While the Market is Hot

Orus’ funding round comes on the heels of a similar €10 million Series A raise by Amsterdam insurtech startup Insify in June 2022. The successive large fundraises signal the enormous potential investors see in this market.

The thriving insurtech space has seen massive growth recently, as new digital-first insurance companies utilize technology to modernize processes and experiences. reports the global insurtech market is projected to grow from $5.5 billion in 2022 to $158.99 billion by 2030.

Europe in particular presents a massive opportunity, with 99% of businesses considered SMEs. Orus believes these approximately 25 million small companies have been overlooked and underserved by large insurance carriers. Its tailored niche products and simplified purchasing aim to gain significant market share in this segment.

Expanding Offerings and Reach

Orus intends to use its new capital infusion to continue enhancing its data-driven approach to designing relevant insurance products. The startup plans to expand its coverage into more commercial segments and offer additional policy types that small business owners require.

Another key priority is building out distribution channels to make its insurance products accessible to more SMEs across Europe. Orus aims to partner with brokers, coverholders and other commercial lines agents to get its tailored policies in front of the many small businesses that need them.

The company also plans to double its current 25-person team, hiring additional insurance experts, tech talent and sales staff to support its expansion plans. These growth initiatives, combined with a customer-centric approach, position Orus to become a leading insurtech brand for commercial SMEs in Europe.

Experienced Leadership Steering Growth

Orus was founded in 2020 by Julien Moulia, Mathieu Sibiude and Pierre-Olivier Brial, three insurance veterans looking to modernize commercial policies for SMEs.

CEO Julien Moulia previously led distribution for specialty insurer Hiscox across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He brings 15 years of experience in the commercial insurance sector.

COO Mathieu Sibiude is an actuary who has worked for insurance giants like Allianz and Generali. His technical expertise helps Orus create advanced risk models and innovative policy features.

CPO Pierre-Olivier Brial was global head of partnerships for insurtech company Alan, leading distribution efforts. He advises Orus on optimizing its partner ecosystem to drive reach and growth.

This experienced leadership team combines deep insurance expertise with a technology-first approach to create a robust insurtech challenger brand serving the underserved small business market.


Orus’ strong growth trajectory, expanding portfolio and sizable Series A raise signal it is poised to grab market share from legacy insurers and make insurance work better for millions of small businesses across Europe. The company’s founders have attracted top backers and talent to execute on that vision. We expect to see Orus continue disrupting the commercial insurance sector by leveraging technology to create innovative niche products that properly insure and protect SMEs.

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