Forget Bonds. Get Paid For Decades With These Dividend Stocks

John Smith

Dividend stocks can provide investors with a steady stream of income along with long-term capital appreciation.

Some dividend-paying companies have very long histories of not only paying dividends consistently but also increasing their payouts over time.

Here are 5 super safe dividend stocks that have been making payments for decades:

1. Coca-Cola (KO)

Coca-Cola is a dividend aristocrat, meaning it has increased its dividend for at least 25 consecutive years. The company has actually paid a dividend every year since 1920 and has increased it for 59 consecutive years.

Coca-Cola sells its products in over 200 countries and has one of the most recognizable brand names globally. It operates a very cash generative business that allows it to pay out a healthy dividend.

Coca-Cola currently yields 2.9% and has a sustainable payout ratio of 75%. With a very strong balance sheet and consistent earnings growth, Coca-Cola’s dividend looks safe for many more decades.

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2. Procter & Gamble (PG)

Procter & Gamble is another dividend king with 65 consecutive years of dividend growth under its belt. The company owns well-known brands like Tide, Gillette, Pampers, Crest and many more.

P&G sells its branded consumer products worldwide and has a massive scale and distribution network. It has paid dividends every year since its incorporation in 1890. P&G currently offers a dividend yield of 2.6% and has a moderate payout ratio of 66%.

Its brand power, essential products and stable cash flows should enable P&G to continue rewarding shareholders with rising dividends.

3. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Johnson & Johnson is a diversified healthcare giant and also a dividend aristocrat. J&J was founded in 1886 and has paid dividends every year since 1944. It has raised its dividend for 60 consecutive years now.

The company operates in the relatively stable pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer healthcare segments. J&J’s well-diversified business and substantial cash reserves help it endure economic downturns.

It currently has a dividend yield of 2.5% and a very sustainable payout ratio of 47%. J&J is likely to continue increasing its dividends annually for many more years.

4. 3M Company (MMM)

3M’s track record of dividend growth is even longer than the above companies. It has paid dividends to shareholders without interruption for over 100 years and has increased them annually for 63 straight years.

3M operates across safety, industrial, healthcare, consumer and electronics segments. Its innovative technology allows it to retain leadership in many product categories. 3M currently offers a dividend yield of 4.7%, higher than its 5-year average.

Its moderate payout ratio of 64% provides room for continued dividend growth. 3M is among the bluest of blue chips when it comes to dividends.

5. Emerson Electric (EMR)

Rounding out the list is Emerson Electric, an industrial manufacturing company. Emerson has increased its dividend for over 6 decades in a row. The company makes products and provides services for a wide range of industries like chemicals, oil & gas, food & beverage, HVAC, and automotive.

Its automation solutions and technologies help improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability for customers. Emerson has a well-diversified business that generates stable earnings and cash flow.

The stock currently provides a dividend yield of 2.2% and has a comfortable payout ratio of 58%. Emerson can easily continue rewarding shareholders with dividend hikes for many more years.

Key Takeaways:

  • These 5 stocks – Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, 3M and Emerson Electric have remarkably long histories of paying uninterrupted dividends ranging from 6 to over 100 years.
  • They have all consistently raised dividends annually, establishing themselves as some of the safest dividend stocks for income investors.
  • Their strong brands, diverse businesses, innovative products and consistent earnings enable these companies to maintain robust cash flows and dividends through good times and bad.
  • Investors can count on these dividend stalwarts to continue delivering a growing stream of passive income for decades to come.
  • With yields ranging from 2-5%, these stocks offer attractive income along with safety of capital and growth.
  • For investors seeking reliable dividend income, these 5 super safe dividend stocks deserve a core position in a well-diversified income portfolio.

In conclusion, dividend growers like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, 3M and Emerson Electric are some of the most dependable long-term dividend stocks.

Their incredible track records demonstrate resilience and commitment to rewarding shareholders. Investors should feel confident in the ability of these companies to continue making dividend payments for decades into the future.

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