Self-Made Millionaire at 39 Shares His Top Tips for Building Wealth

Samantha Miller

San Francisco, CA – Jonathan Sanchez, a 39-year-old self-made millionaire, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with our news team to share his tips and strategies for building generational wealth. Sanchez, who grew up in a middle-class family, is the founder of Parent Portfolio, a website dedicated to helping families learn how to manage money wisely.

“I want to empower others from my generation to take control of their finances and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck,” said Sanchez. “It all starts with having the right mindset around spending, saving, and investing.”

Sanchez credits his frugal habits and passive income streams with helping him achieve millionaire status before 40. Here are 9 things this self-made millionaire refuses to spend his hard-earned money on:

He Never Buys Brand New Cars

According to Sanchez, cars depreciate quickly, shedding nearly 60% of their value within 5-6 years. He prefers to purchase used cars that are 2-3 years old, allowing someone else to take the initial depreciation hit. This strategy has saved him tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

He Avoids Fast Fashion

Sanchez maintains a minimalist wardrobe with timeless, high-quality pieces. He replaces items only when worn out and teaches his children to care for their belongings. “I’mextremely mindful about my clothing purchases,” Sanchez said. “Fast fashion is wasteful and not a good use of money.”

He’s Careful Not To Buy Excess Food

As a busy father of three, Sanchez meal plans and shops carefully to avoid food waste. He packs up leftovers to eat later and teaches his kids to only take what they’ll consume. “Throwing away unused food is essentially flushing money down the drain,” Sanchez remarked.

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He Invests In Quality Over Quantity

While Sanchez is frugal, he doesn’t buy the cheapest option. He understands that poorly-made goods need constant replacing, costing more in the long run. “Being frugal is about mindful spending, not buying junk,” he explained.

He Outsources Lawncare

Although he once enjoyed mowing his lawn, Sanchez now pays a landscaping company to handle yardwork. The extra free time is spent bonding with family. “I’ve learned delegation allows me more time for what’s truly important,” said Sanchez.

In addition to these spending tips, Sanchez shared other wealth-building advice:

The Power Of Saving & Compounding

“Making saving a habit is essential,” Sanchez emphasized. “Thanks to the power of compound interest, money I saved in my 20s has grown exponentially.” Automating transfers into investment accounts is key.

Avoid Debt Whenever Possible

“Debt impedes wealth building and financial freedom,” warned Sanchez. He advises living below your means and thinking critically before taking on loans or financing big purchases.

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Look For Side Income Streams

“Generating multiple streams of passive income accelerated my path to becoming a millionaire,” revealed Sanchez. He encourages pursuing side gigs or monetizing a hobby in your free time.

Continuously Learn New Skills

“Knowledge is power when it comes to finances,” Sanchez stated. He spends about an hour each day reading books and taking online courses to improve his money management abilities.

Sanchez aims to inspire others from his generation to reject debt, spend wisely, and open their minds to wealth creation opportunities. “With focus and discipline, anyone can take control of their financial destiny,” he said. “I’m living proof that you don’t have to come from money to become a millionaire before 40.”

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