Insider Strategies to Maximize Every Swipe of Your Indigo Card

Samantha Miller

The Indigo Card offers robust rewards and benefits for avid booklovers. But simply swiping the card for Indigo purchases is just skimming the surface of maximizing its value.

With some savvy strategies, you can squeeze every last drop of value through creative ways to use the card beyond conventional shopping.

Follow this guide to learn expert techniques for getting benefits like cashback, discounts, and perks with the Indigo Card for all your spending needs.

Earning Cash Back

Though the Indigo Card doesn’t directly offer cash back, you can effectively earn cash rewards by strategically redeeming Plum Rewards points. Here are some methods to earn cashback with your Indigo Card:

Redeem Rewards for Gift Cards

When you convert Plum Points to an Indigo gift card, it essentially creates a cash-equivalent rebate you can spend anywhere at Indigo. With gift cards available in denominations like $10, $25, $50 and $100, you can cash out rewards tailored to your needs.

Gift cards never expire, so you can redeem points for multiple gift cards and stockpile them until you need the cashback.

Redeem for Purchases

Applying Plum Rewards as a statement credit on purchases provides immediate cash savings at the checkout counter or on your online order. Rather than discounts, view it as instant cash being deposited into your account.

With no blackout dates on redemptions, you can earn cashback year-round on your Indigo spending.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Keep an eye out for promotions where Indigo gift cards are sold at a discount, such as 90% off $100. Purchase these discounted gift cards with your Indigo Card to earn points. You can then redeem those points for additional gift cards or cash savings. This essentially doubles up your rewards.

Resell Gift Cards

Once you redeem points for an Indigo gift card, you have the option to resell it and convert the balance to actual cash. Popular resale sites like CardCash allow you to sell unwanted gift cards at a discount and receive cash directly to your bank. Consider selling cards above a minimum threshold to make the cashout worthwhile after resale discounts.

Maximizing Discounts

Beyond cashback, your Indigo Card gives you access to a world of discounts to save on Indigo purchases:

Plum Rewards

The base Plum Rewards program allows you to redeem points as a monetary discount, effectively lowering your purchase price. With no caps on how much you can redeem at once, you can even redeem enough points to purchase items completely free if you have sufficient points.

Always check your balance prior to purchasing and determine the discount you’d like to receive. The higher the discount, the more points required.

Exclusive Cardmember Discounts

Keep an eye out for special discounts exclusively for Indigo Card members which can give you 10-15% off items site-wide or in specific categories. These targeted offers will be publicized through Indigo’s advertising channels.

You must use your Indigo Card specifically to receive the discounts. Set it as the default payment method on your account so the savings are applied automatically at checkout.

Stack Discounts

Get creative by stacking Plum Rewards point redemptions on top of exclusive cardmember discounts during promotions. The percentage-off discount will apply first, followed by your redeemed points being subtracted from the already reduced balance. This compounds your savings significantly.

Price Matching

Indigo will match any competitor’s price if you find a product advertised for less somewhere else. To get this discount, you must contact their customer service with proof of the competing price. The price match can then be combined with your other discounts from Plum Rewards and cardmember offers to maximize overall savings.

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

When making an online purchase, select the “Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store” option before checkout. You’ll earn points as an online purchase with your card, and get to skip the delivery fee by picking up in-store.

Strategic Spending for Bonus Points

Certain purchases allow you to accumulate Plum Points faster or receive extra incentives. Tailor your spending to these categories and merchants to maximize card perks:

Indigo Purchases

All purchases directly with Indigo, whether online or in-store, earn the highest base earn rate of 5x points per $1. Prioritize purchasing books, toys, home goods, cafes orders, eReaders, electronics and more directly through Indigo channels. Purchasing Indigo gift cards also earns 5x.

Bonus Point Events

Keep an eye out for limited-time promotions that offer bonus points on certain categories, brands, products, or thresholds. For example, you may earn 10x points on cookbooks or an extra 5,000 points for spending over $250. Plan your Indigo purchases around these dates.


plumbreak targets students by offering bonus points from July to September on dorm room essentials, back-to-school supplies, and the Bookfest reading list. Make those summer and early fall purchases at Indigo for extra savings.

Indigo Cafe

Earn accelerated earn rates of 3x points when you use your Indigo Card at their in-store Indigo Cafe locations. Treat yourself to a coffee, snack, lunch, or dinner at the cafe and rack up points you can redeem for even more treats!

Cross-Category Spending

Consider making large electronics, furniture, or appliance purchases at Indigo during bonus point events. These big-ticket items will earn higher points compared to competitors. You can then redeem rewards for books, toys, and other Indigo exclusives.

Perks and Extras

Your Indigo Card opens access to money-can’t-buy experiences, services, and benefits:

Exclusive Events

Plum Perks offers exclusive tickets to events like author meet-and-greets, book signings, craft workshops, and more. Keep an eye for Perk redemptions to be first in line at unique events.

Free Shipping

Use Plum Points to redeem for free shipping rewards so you don’t have to pay delivery fees on online orders. Alternately, pay using an Indigo Gift Card to qualify for free shipping automatically.

Extended Warranty

The Indigo Card extends the manufacturer’s warranty by one year on eligible purchases. This provides extra peace of mind for electronics, appliances, furniture, and more.

Purchase Protection

Get coverage against loss, theft, or accidental damage within 90 days of a purchase with your card. File a claim to be reimbursed for repair or replacement costs.

Annual Fee Waiver

If you have the paid Plum Plus Card, you can redeem 15,000 Plum Points once per year to get the $99 annual fee waived, saving you money.

Concierge Service

Plum Plus Card holders get access to a 24/7 personal concierge service to help you book travel, get tickets to events, make restaurant reservations and more to simplify your life.

By creatively shopping across categories, stacking discounts, and maximizing perks, you can get incredible value from the Indigo Card beyond conventional book shopping. Follow these tips and the card will pay for itself many times over.

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