Mozaic Raises $20M to Help Creators Split Payments Across Borders

Samantha Miller

Mozaic, a startup aiming to solve payment splits for creators and collaborators across industries, has raised a $20 million Series A round led by Volition Capital. This brings the company’s total funding to over $27 million so far.

Founded in 2015 as Jammber, Mozaic originally focused on music industry tools before pivoting to payments in 2020. Since then, they have gained strong traction, with over 60 letters of intent after initial outreach to just 200 music distributors. Their intuitive solutions are positioning them as a leading financial services provider for creators.

Simplifying Global Collaboration for Creators

Mozaic aims to fix a significant pain point for creators working with collaborators across geographies – splitting payments easily and equitably. Typically, only one creator gets paid upfront, and they then have to distribute funds manually. This can be extremely cumbersome when collaborators are in different countries with varying financial systems.

CEO Marcus Cobb realized the immense need for better payment solutions after the pandemic hit in 2020. As creators leaned more heavily on remote collaborations, being unable to pay international teammates became a major roadblock.

Mozaic provides easy-to-integrate APIs allowing platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Twitch to instantly split payments based on customizable rules. Collaborators globally can then automatically receive their shares and payout reporting without any manual work from creators.

Targeting Creator Houses and Labels Beyond Music

While Mozaic began in the music industry, their solutions extend far beyond that. Other creator niches spanning gaming, newsletters, ecommerce and more can benefit greatly from smoother payment splits.

Integrations with Creator Houses

Rising “creator houses” need better systems to handle their complex financials across talent agencies, managers and other intermediaries. Made By Us Music, which has produced stars like Rihanna and 50 Cent, is already utilizing Mozaic’s offerings with immense success.

Appeal for Modern Music Labels

Forward-thinking labels and distributors will likely transition to modern solutions like Mozaic to pay artists quickly and transparently. This helps them stay competitive, rather than risk losing talent frustrated with legacy finances systems. Major player SoundOn by Bytedance embodies this shift towards automatic royalty splits.

Beyond Music Across YouTube, Twitch and More

While music industry connections greatly benefited Mozaic’s initial traction, their solutions readily apply to gaming, podcasting and more creative spaces. A new Chrome extension in 2023 will facilitate easy payment splits anywhere from YouTube to Etsy. More niches tapping into the passion economy can thereby optimize monetization.

Rapid Growth With Focus on Creator Empowerment

Positioned to ride surging creator industry trends, Mozaic is accelerating rapid expansion after their successful Series A raise. But while aiming to scale efficiently, they remain committed to user-centric values and financial transparency.

Profitability Within Reach Despite Expansion

Mozaic’s superb traction has translated into strong revenues. They are already cash flow positive in 2022, an impressive feat in high-growth startups. Despite plans to grow the team considerably with new funding, the company still intends to stay close to profitability. This financial discipline bodes well for longevity.

Empowering Creators Through Better Business

At its core, Mozaic wants to empower creators financially in an industry plagued by opacity. Intuitive and ethical financial products can greatly improve business conditions for individual artists. More accessible payment solutions lead to sustainable creative careers and content production.

In a landscape where hits are elusive and income fluctuates drastically, consistent revenue management tools give creators economic stability. By extension, steadier creator careers enable a richer cultural ecosystem benefiting society as a whole.

Key Takeaways: How Mozaic Helps Creators Get Paid

  • Raised $20M Series A to build payment split tools for creators
  • Solves major pain point of distributing payments globally
  • Music industry traction validates market need
  • Expanded platform extends beyond music vertical
  • Strong revenue and disciplined financial strategy
  • Goal of financially empowering creators through better business

The partnership between forward-thinking capital and value-driven founders makes Mozaic’s journey compelling. Their continued focus on addressing real creator needs through win-win solutions will surely make this startup one to watch.

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