SentinelOne Stock Could Soar Nearly 80% in 2 Years Thanks to This Massive AI Opportunity

Manoj Prasad

SentinelOne is making a killing in the generative AI cybersecurity market that’s expected to explode to $14 billion in annual spending by 2032. The company’s growth metrics indicate it’s capitalizing on this opportunity in a big way.

Generative AI is set to transform cybersecurity, with spending projected to grow at a whopping 109% CAGR from just $9 million in 2022 to $14 billion in a decade, per Bloomberg. SentinelOne is ahead of the curve, already baking powerful AI into its Singularity cloud and Purple defender platforms.

SentinelOne Shows Generative AI Cybersecurity Spending Taking Off

SentinelOne recently delivered fiscal 2024 Q3 results (ended October 31, 2023) that blew away expectations, proving it’s riding the AI cybersecurity wave in a big way.

  • Revenue soared 42% year-over-year to $164 million, cruising past analyst estimates of $156 million.
  • Losses narrowed significantly, with EPS of -$0.03 versus -$0.16 last year. Analysts expected a larger -$0.08 loss.
  • Fiscal 2024 revenue guidance increased to $616 million, representing 46% annual growth. This is up from the prior $605 million outlook.

This growth acceleration is being fueled in large part by SentinelOne’s generative AI solutions like Purple AI, launched in April 2022. Purple AI allows security teams to query threats in plain language and get automated mitigation recommendations through natural conversation.

The company also provides the AI-powered Singularity cloud workload protection platform. This solution taps into machine learning to secure cloud environments, a fast-growth area projected to reach $106 billion in annual revenue by 2029, per MarketsandMarkets.

Analysts Forecast Massive Growth Ahead

Thanks to its leading position in hot cybersecurity markets like generative AI and cloud security, analysts see blue skies ahead for SentinelOne.

Consensus estimates call for sizzling top-line growth:

  • Fiscal 2024 revenue estimated at $616 million, up 46% year-over-year
  • Fiscal 2025 revenue projected to reach $906 million, up 47%
  • Fiscal 2026 revenue forecast at $1.34 billion, up 48%

With this kind of growth, it’s no wonder analysts have been raising estimates across the board following the company’s earnings beats.

Morgan Stanley analyst Hamza Fodderwala hiked his price target by 15% to $66 after earnings, writing “SentinelOne is successfully navigating the current environment & continuing to displace legacy vendors.”

Valuation Analysis Shows Potential for 80% Gains

At 13.5X forward sales, SentinelOne stock isn’t cheap on the surface. However, growth stocks like this often sustain premium valuations when executing well in hot, emerging markets.

Assuming SentinelOne simply maintains its 13.5X multiple on fiscal 2026’s projected $1.34 billion revenue, its market cap would reach $18 billion. That represents potential upside of ~78% from today’s $10 billion valuation.

Of course, this assumes no multiple expansion, which seems unlikely given the high growth rates. If SentinelOne keeps overdelivering with new generative AI product innovation, its sales multiple has room to swell and catalyze even larger gains.

Conclusion: Massive AI Opportunity Could Spark Parabolic Surge

With generative AI cybersecurity spending set to reach $14 billion in 10 years, SentinelOne finds itself at the right place at the right time. Its best-in-class AI-powered platforms like Purple Defender and Singularity Cloud are allowing it to capitalize on this opportunity today.

As a result, the company is firing on all cylinders, with revenue growth accelerating above 40% and losses narrowing. Analysts see nearly 50% annual growth ahead, especially as SentinelOne continues to innovate on the AI front.

While not cheap, S stock justifies its premium valuation given the massive expansion within reach. If execution remains strong, the shares could deliver 80%+ upside or even potentially go parabolic in the years ahead as this AI-driven growth story plays out.

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