These Are The Worst Performing Energy Stocks in Early 2024

Manoj Prasad

In early 2024, the energy sector faced several challenges, with energy stocks struggling to perform well. The energy sector was the second-worst performer of the 11 sectors in the S&P 500 Index in 2023.

Analysts anticipated that the industry’s fourth quarter earnings growth would be the weakest of the group. Some of the worst-performing energy stocks in early 2024 included IEP, SJT, KLXE, CEI, NCSM, ACDC, GPRK, BPT, RCON, ENSV, and TPET. 

These stocks experienced significant share price losses, ranging from 31.79% to 55.61%.The poor performance of energy stocks in 2024 can be attributed to factors such as abundant oil supplies, weak technicals for shares, and the impact of OPEC’s decisions on the oil market. 

As a result, investors were cautious and often avoided energy stocks, leading to a challenging year for the sector.

Factors That Contributed to the Poor Performance of Energy Stocks in Early 2024

The poor performance of energy stocks in early 2024 can be attributed to a combination of factors. While the energy industry’s outlook appears optimistic due to increased focus on renewable energy sources, innovations in clean energy, and heightened global energy demand1, several challenges have impacted the sector’s performance.

  1. Abundant Oil Supplies: The energy sector faced challenges due to abundant oil supplies, which affected the stock prices of oil companies.
  2. Weak Technicals for Shares: Analysts noted weak technicals for energy stocks, which contributed to the sector’s struggles.
  3. Shift in Investor Preferences: Energy stocks experienced a slowdown in 2023, partly due to a shift in investor preferences, with investors favoring other sectors over energy.
  4. Geopolitical Factors: Geopolitical factors, including OPEC’s decisions and their impact on the oil market, influenced the performance of energy stocks.
  5. Rising Investments in Renewable Energy: The increasing investments in renewable energy and the transition to clean energy sources have also affected the performance of traditional energy stocks.

These factors, among others, have contributed to the challenges faced by energy stocks in early 2024, impacting their overall performance.

These Energy Stocks Performed the Best in Early 2024

The best-performing energy stocks in early 2024 include Targa Resources (TRGP), which stands out due to its diverse midstream operations, including natural gas gathering and processing. Additionally, Constellation, Baker Hughes (BKR), Diamondback Energy (FANG), and EQT have been identified as renewable energy stocks poised to beat the market in 2024. 

These stocks have demonstrated strong performance and are well-positioned to benefit from the ongoing shifts in the energy industry.Furthermore, according to Bankrate, the best-performing energy stocks as of January 2024 include Baker Hughes (BKR), EQT, Diamondback Energy (FANG), and ONEOK (OKE). 

These stocks have shown positive performance, reflecting the potential for growth and stability in the energy sector.Amidst the challenges faced by the energy industry, these stocks have emerged as leaders, driven by factors such as diversified operations, a focus on renewable energy, and strong market positioning.

Their performance underscores the dynamic nature of the energy sector and the opportunities presented by companies adapting to evolving energy trends.

Future of Energy Stocks

The future of energy stocks in 2024 is influenced by several key predictions and trends. These include:

  1. Renewable Energy Growth: The renewable energy sector is expected to continue its growth trajectory, with a focus on solar and wind power. While the pace of annual solar installations may slow, the total global solar capacity is projected to grow rapidly over the coming decade.
  2. Rising Concerns Over Climate Change: The energy industry is likely to face increasing pressure and scrutiny due to rising concerns over climate change. This could lead to a continued shift towards clean and renewable energy sources, impacting the performance of traditional energy stocks.
  3. Geopolitical Factors: Ongoing geopolitical dynamics, such as the policies of OPEC+ and the impact of global oil demand, are expected to influence the energy market and stock performance.
  4. Renewable Energy Investment: The renewable energy industry is poised for significant investment, with offshore wind and green hydrogen industries expected to establish a foothold. This could create opportunities for companies operating in these segments.
  5. Election Year Dynamics: The 2024 election year is anticipated to bring electric vehicles and clean energy policies into the spotlight, potentially shaping the future landscape of the energy industry.
  6. Continued High Oil Prices: Crude oil prices are expected to remain elevated in 2024, driven by tight supply, geopolitical risk, and growing global demand. This could create a positive backdrop for the profitability and stock prices of oil producers and energy companies.

In summary, the future of energy stocks in 2024 is likely to be influenced by a complex interplay of factors, including the continued growth of renewable energy, geopolitical dynamics, and the evolving policy landscape. Investors and industry stakeholders will need to closely monitor these trends to navigate the rapidly changing energy market.

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