Former Lordstown Motors CEO Launches New EV Startup Displaying Same Failed Pickup

Sujeet Kushwaha

Steve Burns, who was fired as the founder of the failed electric vehicle (EV) company Lordstown Motors, has started a new business called LandX Motors. The Endurance, the same electric pickup truck that Burns once said would beat Tesla, Ford, and General Motors to market, is a big part of this new business.

Burns bought most of his old company’s leftover assets, including a lot of its electric pickup trucks. He plans to sell an EV pickup that is based on these assets.

The well-known electric pickup truck that was earlier shown by Lordstown Motors is now on LandX Motors’s website.

But it’s still not clear how Burns plans to deal with some of the big problems that Lordstown Motors had, like how much the trucks cost to make and how they were made.

The website doesn’t give clear answers to these questions, and a LandX Motors representative wouldn’t give more information or answer questions.

It’s a trend for Burns to start new electric vehicle companies that are connected to old ones. This move fits that pattern. He started Lordstown Motors in 2019 after leaving Workhorse, an EV company that was having trouble.

Since Lordstown Motors went out of business, Burns started LandX Motors and hired most of the tech team again for his new business.

Burns still believes in the goal he first tried to achieve with Lordstown Motors, as shown by the launch of LandX Motors and the return of the Endurance electric pickup truck.

However, the problems his last business had make people wonder how LandX Motors will get the Endurance to market without the same problems.

People will keep a close eye on LandX Motors and the Endurance electric pickup truck as the company tries to find its place in the crowded market for electric vehicles.

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