Earn Over $500 Just By Playing A Fun Mobile Game As A Student – InboxDollars Alice’s Dream Offer

Manoj Prasad

Trying to earn extra money while going to school can be a challenge. Between classes, studying, and your social life, finding time for a job isn’t always feasible. However, with InboxDollars’ lucrative new offer, you can now pad your wallet with over $500 in rewards just by playing a entertaining mobile game on your smartphone!

InboxDollars is a popular rewards program that pays its users for completing activities online. These include taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and more. One of their latest opportunities allows you to earn $40 just for downloading and reaching Level 50 in the puzzle game “Alice’s Dream: Merge Island.”

Alice's Dream: Merge Island

Alice’s Dream is a colorful and soothing merge game where you combine items to clear beautiful islands and progress through levels. Its upbeat soundtrack, charming visuals and simple but engaging gameplay make it perfect for taking a mental study break. The best part? You only need to play for 10-15 minutes a day to reach the payout level within two weeks!

Follow this easy guide to earn over $500 with InboxDollars’ Alice’s Dream offer:

  • Sign Up For InboxDollars: Joining is free and only takes minutes.
  • Find The Offer: Check under ‘Discover’ and activate the Alice’s Dream deal.
  • Install The Game: Download to your iOS or Android device through the offer page.
  • Play For 10-15 Minutes Daily: Merge items to beat levels. Combos help you advance faster!
  • Get $40 At Level 50: This bonus will be credited by InboxDollars within 7 days.
  • Continue To Level 130 For $80 More: Achievable within a month of regular gameplay.
  • Withdraw Your Earnings: Cash out to PayPal once you’ve earned $30+ on InboxDollars.

Following these simple steps, any student can pocket over $500 in under a month just by playing Alice’s Dream during study breaks or spare moments. The extra cash can help cover tuition, social expenses, hobbies, and more throughout the semester.

With its relaxing vibe and easy gameplay, Alice’s Dream is perfect for unwinding while still earning rewards. And at over $500 in potential earnings, this lucrative offer from InboxDollars gives students an effortless way to boost their bank balance!

So if you’re looking to pad your wallet while going to school, don’t wait – install Alice’s Dream: Merge Island through InboxDollars now and start making money while having fun. This is one deal you don’t want to miss out on!

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