Indigo Card Benefits You May Be Missing Out On

Samantha Miller

The Indigo Card is jam-packed with valuable perks, rewards, and features. But in the excitement over 5x Plum Points and discounts, some of the card’s lesser-known benefits fly under the radar.

You could be missing out on key perks that provide serious savings, protection, and convenience.

This guide will uncover some of the Indigo Card’s hidden gems that most cardholders overlook. Read on to ensure you’re tapping into the full range of benefits so you can maximize the card’s true potential.

Extended Warranty Protection

One overlooked perk is the Indigo Card’s extended warranty benefit. When you purchase an eligible item with your card, the original manufacturer’s warranty will be extended by one additional year at no cost. This applies to warranties of five years or less.

For example, if you purchase a smartwatch with a two-year warranty, your Indigo Card gets you a third year of warranty at no extra charge. That’s savings you’d otherwise have to shell out for.

To receive the extended coverage, you must purchase the entire item with your Indigo Card. Note that some exclusions apply, so check your cardholder agreement for full details.

Purchase Protection

Your new purchases are covered against accidental damage or theft for 90 days after purchase with the Indigo Card’s built-in purchase protection.

If your newly bought item is damaged or stolen within that window, you can be reimbursed up to the full purchase price to repair or replace it.

There is up to $1,000 per claim and $25,000 lifetime coverage. To file a claim, simply contact the insurer within 45 days and provide supporting documentation. This can save you hundreds on replacements!

Price Match Guarantee

Indigo offers a price match guarantee when you find a lower advertised price from a competitor on an identical, in-stock item. To take advantage, contact Indigo’s customer service within 14 days of your purchase with proof of the competitor’s lower pricing.

If approved, Indigo will refund you the price difference. This applies to both online and in-store purchases.

You must have paid with your Indigo Card initially to be eligible. So paying with your card allows you access to this effortless price match process.

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Roadside Assistance

Unexpected car troubles can be expensive, but your Indigo Card provides complimentary roadside assistance to help in a pinch. Services covered include towing, battery boosts, locksmith service, fuel delivery and more.

Simply call the toll-free number on the back of your card and provide your location. Available 24/7, this perk can give serious peace of mind in the event your car leaves you stranded.

Lost Luggage Reimbursement

Lost baggage is a headache, but your Indigo Card offers coverage when bags are lost or damaged by a common carrier. You can be reimbursed up to $500 for a checked bag and $1,000 for a carry-on when you charge your ticket to your Card.

File a claim with receipts and submit the necessary paperwork within 10 days to receive your check. This benefit alone can pay for the card’s annual fee multiple times over.

Rental Car Coverage

You can decline the rental company’s collision insurance and charge your rental to the Indigo Card to tap into its rental car benefits. You’ll be covered for damage to the vehicle in most cases, eliminating those costly insurance fees.

There are exclusions like off-road driving, so review coverage details. But this free insurance for charging your rental is a rare and valuable perk.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not fully happy with a purchase from Indigo for any reason, returns and exchanges are free when you used your Indigo Card at checkout. Simply bring the item back within 30 days to receive a refund, exchange, or merchandise credit.

No return fees also apply for online purchases. This allows you to shop at Indigo with confidence knowing you can easily return items if needed.

Free Supplementary Cards

The premium Plum Plus Card enables adding up to 3 free supplementary cards for partners or family at no extra cost. Supplementary cardholders get access to all the same Perks and Rewards as the primary cardholder.

That’s extra earning power and discounts without added fees. Set spending limits for greater control and management over supplementary spending.

Airport Lounge Access

A little-used but tremendously valuable Plum Plus perk is complimentary airport lounge access through the Priority Pass program. This lets you and a guest relax in luxury lounges at over 1,200 airports worldwide with free food, drinks, Wi-Fi, and more.

Lounge visits valued at up to $27 each can quickly offset the Plum Plus Card’s annual fee. So take advantage of this high-end perk during your travels.

Mastercard Benefits

In addition to Indigo’s own benefits, you can access Mastercard’s suite of cardholder perks like identity theft protection, travel assistance services, and cell phone protection when you charge your cell bill to your card each month.

Review the full range of World or World Elite Mastercard benefits and tap into ones that provide value to you. Many are unknown even by savvy cardholders.

While Plum Points and instant discounts are the Indigo Card’s key features, overlooking the lesser-known perks means leaving savings on the table. Refer to this guide and your cardholder agreement to unlock the card’s full potential across all categories of benefits. A few minutes reviewing perks could save you thousands!

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