Epic Games Teams Up With Disney For Massive New Entertainment Universe

Samantha Miller

Apic Games works entirely on brand partnerships. Two months after the launch of Lego Fortnite, the video game developer has announced another important partnership with Disney.

The companies announced yesterday that they will be creating a “brand-new game and entertainment universe” inspired by iconic characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. Disney Epic Games is investing $1.5 billion to help implement the idea.

It will be “interoperable” with the latest digital worlds like Fortnite, allowing players to interact with their favorite fictional heroes in this popular online battle royale game. The goal is to give audiences new ways to “play, watch, shop and engage” with these popular French fare.

“This is Disney’s largest entry into the world of games to date and provides significant opportunities for growth and expansion,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger.”

The companies’ existing partnership in Fortnite is the basis for this collaboration. Characters from Disney movies like Iron Man and Kylo Ren are already available in collectible skins. In 2020, Epic Games created an in-game Marvel superhero game called Nexus War.

But this new effort seems to be much more important. Pique CEO Tim Sweeney said they are collaborating to create “a sustainable, open, and interoperable ecosystem” by uniting the Disney and Fortnite communities.

Disney Diving Headfirst Into Gaming

The news comes as Disney continues to explore new opportunities in the fast-growing gaming sector. They are mainly famous in the entertainment sector, but have been accelerating the development of console and mobile games in recent years.

Participating in Epic Games gives Disney access to the latest development tools like the Unreal Engine, which powers many major games. Pick’s Fortnite also offers a ready-made social platform with millions of active users.

Disney looks eager to take advantage of these resources to turn its popular franchises into gaming gold, exploring new frontiers like the metaverse.

Their partnership with Epic can improve these efforts. It also promises that it will create a shared digital economy where people will be able to purchase virtual products from their favorite shows and movies.

Fortnite Continues To Evolve

Plus, collaboration lets Fortnite create an interactive virtual hangout. Initially a popular shooter game, it has become much more popular over the years.

Epic Games has made Fortnite a space for virtual music festivals, movie trailers, and brand promotions. Mixed Disney allows players to see and do more without leaving the game.

If Epic Games is successful in seamlessly integrating these Disney experiences, it will be a huge step toward their goal of creating one continuous online world where people can explore, socialize, and be entertained.

This deal, although still novel, shows how seriously big companies are taking the concept of online immersive worlds. Disney and Epic already have commitments of more than a billion dollars. Fans can expect to enjoy these magical virtual theme parks, if all goes well.

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