5 Best Financial Advisor in New York City

Manoj Prasad

It can be hard to find the best financial planner in New York City because there are so many to choose from.

The right expert can make a big difference in how well you reach your financial goals, whether you’re saving for retirement, taking care of your investments, or looking for tax tips.

This guide will talk about the best financial advisors in New York City, focusing on their skills, services, and how happy their clients are.

You can make an informed choice and find a trusted partner for your financial journey if you know what makes these professionals unique.

1. Drucker Wealth Management

Drucker Wealth Management

Drucker Wealth distinguishes itself with a unique approach to financial planning. As a planning-first financial firm, they prioritize comprehensive, holistic financial planning and investment management over selling products or offering false reassurances.

This third-generation firm is dedicated to building, protecting, and preserving clients’ wealth. They cater to high-earning professionals, those nearing retirement, and everyone in between, with a team of Certified Financial Professionals ready to assist.

While headquartered in NYC, Drucker Wealth operates a virtual planning practice, making their expert services accessible regardless of location.

Contact Details

Phone: (212) 681-0460

Address: 2 Park Ave #300, New York, NY 10016

Website: http://www.druckerwealth.com

2. Curtis Pope, CFP | Certified Financial Planner | Financial Advisor

Curtis Pope, CFP | Certified Financial Planner | Financial Advisor

Curtis is an independent fee-only financial planner based in New York City, dedicated to building meaningful client relationships and comprehensive financial planning.

With a decade of experience advising clients at Citi, Morgan Stanley, Wealthsimple, and Northstar Money, Curtis holds a BA in Economics, a Master’s from Columbia University, and a financial planning certificate from Northwestern University. As a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Financial Therapist-I™, he has earned prestigious awards and licenses.

On weekends, Curtis enjoys outdoor activities with his partner Melanie and their Australian Shepherd, Sadie, and volunteers teaching financial literacy to NYC public school students.

Contact Details

Phone: (646) 640-6337

Address: 450 Lexington Ave 4th fl, New York, NY 10017

Website: https://www.financialadvisor.nyc

3. Wealthspire Advisors

Wealthspire Advisors

Wealthspire Advisors is an independent registered investment advisor with over 20 locations nationwide. As fiduciary advisors, they focus on integrating all aspects of a client’s financial life to provide thoughtful and collaborative strategies.

Their aim is to optimize finances and help clients achieve their aspirations. Serving as a wealth manager, investment advisor, and consultant, Wealthspire Advisors is a constant partner dedicated to instilling confidence in clients about their financial futures.

Contact Details

Phone: (800) 994-3766

Address: 521 5th Ave 15th Floor, New York, NY 10175

Website: http://www.wealthspire.com

4. Francis Financial, Inc.

Francis Financial, Inc.

Francis Financial is an independent, fee-only boutique firm specializing in wealth management, financial planning, and divorce financial planning.

Since its founding in 2002, the firm has been committed to providing comprehensive advice for women experiencing life changes like divorce, the loss of a spouse, or sudden wealth.

Francis Financial stands out in the industry by offering independent advice, transparency, and personalized attention. Their tailored financial roadmaps help clients grow their wealth and pursue their desired lifestyles without financial worries.

Contact Details

Phone: (212) 374-9008

Address: 39 Broadway Suite 1730, New York, NY 10006

Website: https://francisfinancial.com

5. Manhattan Wealth Management Group

Manhattan Wealth Management Group is an independent financial services firm based in New York, NY, dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of financial planning.

Specializing in retirement preparation, college savings, and estate strategy, they offer personalized services that focus on individual needs and goals.

With a team of seasoned professionals, Manhattan Wealth Management Group aims to demystify financial planning for both present and future needs.

They are committed to providing ongoing support and expert advice through all stages of life, ensuring clients feel confident and prepared for whatever financial challenges come their way.

Contact Details

Phone: (212) 810-6961

Address: 370 Lexington Ave # 1512, New York, NY 10017

Website: http://www.manhattanwealth.com

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What qualifications should I look for in a top financial advisor in New York City?

    Look for advisors with certifications such as CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), or CPA (Certified Public Accountant), as well as a strong track record and client testimonials.

  2. How does a financial advisor in NYC tailor their services to high-net-worth clients?

    Top advisors offer personalized strategies, comprehensive wealth management, tax optimization, estate planning, and access to exclusive investment opportunities.

  3. What is the typical fee structure for leading financial advisors in New York City?

    Advisors may charge a percentage of assets under management, hourly rates, or a flat fee. It’s important to understand the fee structure and any additional costs upfront.

  4. How do financial advisors in NYC stay updated with the latest market trends and regulations?

    Leading advisors continuously educate themselves through professional development, industry conferences, and subscriptions to financial publications to stay informed on market and regulatory changes.

  5. Can a top financial advisor in NYC help with both personal and business financial planning?

    Yes, many top advisors offer services that encompass both personal financial planning and business advisory, including succession planning and business tax strategies.

  6. What is the process for switching to a new financial advisor in New York City?

    The process typically involves an initial consultation, transferring assets, and creating a new financial plan. Top advisors make this transition smooth and handle most of the administrative work.

  7. How do financial advisors in NYC incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors into investment strategies?

    Advisors consider clients’ preferences for sustainable and socially responsible investing by selecting funds and companies that meet ESG criteria, aligning investments with clients’ values.

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