iPhone 15: On Launch Day, Apple Will Offer Made in India iPhones for the First Time

Manoj Prasad

In a groundbreaking shift for the tech giant Apple Inc., the upcoming iPhone 15, set to be unveiled on Tuesday at its Cupertino headquarters, will have a unique twist. For the very first time, customers across the globe may have the opportunity to purchase a brand-new iPhone model crafted in India on the same day it’s launched.

This strategic move, reported by insiders, signifies a momentous shift in Apple’s manufacturing and sales strategy, aiming to diversify beyond its reliance on Chinese production.

Apple’s plan is to make the India-built iPhone 15 accessible not only to the Indian market but also to select regions worldwide on the highly anticipated launch day. While the bulk of iPhone 15 units will still hail from China, this marks a significant milestone as it would be the first instance of a newly released, India-assembled device hitting the market on day one.

India’s Rising Manufacturing Power

This move not only highlights Apple’s growing investment in India but also underscores India’s burgeoning prowess in smartphone production. Historically, Apple primarily sold devices manufactured in China to its global customer base.

However, with India taking a more prominent role in the tech giant’s manufacturing ecosystem, the dynamic is rapidly evolving.

Apple’s journey towards India’s manufacturing landscape began with the introduction of the iPhone 11, and it has continued to ramp up production ever since. The latest step in this direction was the commencement of iPhone 15 production at Foxconn Technology Group’s factory in Tamil Nadu, southern India, last month.

This strategic shift aligns with Apple’s broader aim of reducing its dependency on Chinese manufacturing hubs.

Potential Challenges on the Horizon

While Apple’s move into Indian manufacturing is promising, there may be slight delays associated with the India-built devices due to unforeseen logistical challenges. Apple has not officially commented on this matter, but it’s a potential hiccup to keep in mind.

Apple’s Growing Stake in India

Apple’s increased focus on India is not limited to manufacturing alone. The company recently opened its first retail stores in the country, viewing India as both a lucrative retail market and a critical production base for its products in the long term.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push for financial incentives to boost local manufacturing aligns perfectly with Apple’s strategic diversification plans, especially as it seeks to navigate the complex waters of the Washington-Beijing trade war.

A Revamped iPhone 15 Lineup

Anticipation for the iPhone 15 has reached fever pitch, as it’s expected to be the most significant update to the device in three years.

The new model promises a comprehensive overhaul of the camera system across all variants, while the Pro models are set to feature an enhanced 3-nanometer processor.

Apple hopes that these upgrades will inject fresh life into its smartphone sales, which have recently experienced a three-quarter decline.

Apple’s Growth in India

Apple’s strategic expansion in India is not confined to its own manufacturing facilities. Other suppliers, such as Pegatron Corp., and a Wistron Corp. factory soon to be acquired by the Tata Group, are also gearing up to assemble the iPhone 15, further solidifying India’s role in Apple’s global supply chain.

The Indian market, with its rapid growth and increasing consumer demand, holds significant promise for Apple. In the second quarter of this year, iPhone sales in India surged at a double-digit rate to reach record highs, although Apple has yet to disclose exact figures.

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