Fast-Growing Startups Go on Major Hiring Spree for Six-Figure Remote Jobs

Samantha Miller

A new report from LinkedIn reveals that several of the fastest-growing startups in the U.S. are rapidly expanding their workforces and hiring for highly-paid remote roles.

The professional networking site analyzed data on startups to identify the top 50 companies experiencing huge growth in employment, engagement, job interest, and ability to attract top talent. The report uncovered some interesting trends about the types of startups seeing momentum as well as the in-demand jobs they are hiring for.

Topping the list is Ramp, a New York-based financial tech startup that offers corporate cards, expense management, and other tools. Ramp has ballooned to 675 employees and has open positions like senior associate of lifecycle marketing with a salary range of $127,000 to $150,000.

Following close behind in the number two spot is the canned beverage company Liquid Death, which sells canned water and iced tea. Though headquartered in Los Angeles, Liquid Death has embraced remote work and is hiring for jobs like director of financial reporting and technical accounting with pay reaching up to $199,000.

The top three is rounded out by Whatnot, a livestream shopping platform for buying and selling collectibles like trading cards and sneakers. This startup is looking to fill roles such as senior manager of trust and safety with compensation in the $140,000 to $185,000 range.

According to Dan Roth, LinkedIn’s editor in chief, several key themes emerge from the list of fast-growing startups. One is the prevalence of companies operating in the retail, health, and artificial intelligence tech sectors. Many of these startups were founded in 2020 as a way to address new needs that arose during the pandemic.

For example, businesses like Cohere Health and Charlie Health are focused on improving access to healthcare and mental health services, respectively. Other startups are taking advantage of emergent technologies like AI and automation to solve business problems – evident in companies like Drata and Seamless.AI.

Nearly one-third of the top 50 startups emerged in just the last year, demonstrating the rapid pace at which new companies can scale up in the modern digital economy. Their impressive growth stems from strong demand for their innovative services combined with their savvy leveraging of digital tools and remote work arrangements.

Most of the job openings at these startups are centered around technology, product development, marketing, analytics, and operations. But these aren’t just any corporate positions – many come with six-figure salary tags, indicating how highly sought-after this startup talent is.

According to Roth, over half of the available jobs are fully remote, giving these startups access to broad talent pools well beyond their office locations. Flexible and distributed work options are enabling the most agile startups to assemble expert teams and quickly expand their workforces.

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Let’s take a deeper look at the 10 buzziest startups from LinkedIn’s ranking:

1. Ramp

  • Founded in 2019 and based in New York City
  • Provides corporate cards, expense management, and other financial services to businesses
  • Has 675 employees currently
  • Open roles in marketing, customer experience, and website growth with salaries reaching $150K

2. Liquid Death

  • Maker of canned water and tea drinks headquartered in Los Angeles
  • Leveraged punk rock ethos and marketing to drive growth
  • Currently has 200 employees
  • Hiring for finance, sales, and strategy roles with pay up to $199K

3. Whatnot

  • Livestream shopping platform for collectors of items like trading cards
  • Experience rapid growth over the past year
  • Now has a workforce of 425 people
  • Looking to fill positions like senior manager of trust and safety paying $140K to $185K

4. Wiz

  • Cloud security startup based in New York City
  • Already employs 750 people
  • Actively recruiting for roles in growth marketing, people operations, and product marketing

5. Cohere Health

  • Boston startup offering a platform to automate health insurance approvals
  • Workforce has scaled to 570 people amid demand
  • Hiring specialists in training, quality, and customer success

6. Drata

  • San Diego cybersecurity startup focused on security automation
  • Currently employs 475 people
  • Opening up roles like director of marketing paying $153K to $236K

7. Tropic

  • New York City-based software procurement platform
  • Has 280 employees and growing
  • Looking to fill positions like senior data strategist and product design manager with salaries reaching $170K

8. Charlie Health

  • Bozeman startup providing virtual mental healthcare for teens and young adults
  • Significant need has fueled growth to 900 employees
  • Hiring marketers, learning professionals, and designers with pay up to $185K

9. Dandy

  • NYC startup digitizing the dental lab process through technology
  • Now employs 865 people
  • Seeking to fill roles across strategy, product, and operations

10. Seamless.AI

  • Ohio startup offering sales automation software
  • Fast scaling has led to 365 employees so far
  • Hiring across departments like security, support, and product

As these descriptions reveal, the hottest startups offer fertile ground for job seekers looking to join a rapidly growing business in fields like tech, healthcare, consumer goods, and more. Those willing to take a chance on an earlier-stage startup can often land remote work with high pay and responsibilities not typically available in larger corporations.

Of course, risks remain in joining startups that may fail or get acquired. But for those eager to take the road less traveled in their career, keeping an eye on the innovative startups experiencing hypergrowth right now could lead to exciting opportunities.

The LinkedIn report confirms that despite economic uncertainties, the startup ecosystem continues to churn out new companies with business models well-suited to market needs. Job seekers who stay informed on the startups gaining momentum in various sectors can position themselves for some of the most in-demand and highest compensated remote roles today.

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