Fortnite and Lego Team Up for Block-Busting New Mode That Has Fans Bricking Out

Samantha Miller

The worlds of Fortnite and Lego have collided in an epic block-building mashup that has fans of both franchises getting hyped. Fortnite’s newest mode allows players to craft structures and weapons using virtual Lego bricks in a survival gameplay style reminiscent of Minecraft.

This wacky collaboration merges Fortnite’s renowned battle royale shooter with Lego’s creative construction play for an experience packed with combat, building, and brick-based chaos. The mode comes complete with a full Lego visual overhaul, turning Fortnite’s characters and maps into a vibrant, toy-inspired paradise.

Return to Fortnite’s Roots With Crafting and Survival

Crafting has always been integral to Fortnite, but since the astronomical success of its 100-player Battle Royale mode, the game has become synonymous with online PVP action. This new expansion dials back the clock on Fortnite’s origins as a PVE survival game centered around gathering resources and constructing fortified bases.

The Lego-fied mode gameplays bears similarities not only to Fortnite’s Save the World mode but also to Minecraft. Players must chop down trees for wood, mine brick, and grow crops while defending themselves from marauding mobs, bringing back the resource gathering and base building that once defined Fortnite.

Complete Lego Makeover Immerses Players in Blocky World

This isn’t just a simple Lego reskin. Fortnite’s entire world has been rebuilt using virtual analogues of real-life Lego bricks and sets. The vivid, toy-like graphics and iconic Lego humor breathe new life into the already vibrant gameplay.

Players are able to construct intricately designed structures by piecing together walls, floors, stairs, and roofs brick by brick. With a vast palette of brick types and colors to choose from, the only real limit is your imagination.

The familiar faces of Fortnite have also been given the Lego treatment, reimagined as boxy construction figures kitted out with brick-built weapons and tools. Even the game’s wildlife has been shaped in the iconic style of Lego animals. This total conversion creates an incredibly authentic Lego gaming experience through and through.

Collab Brings Together Younger Fans Under Parental Supervision

Unlike the main modes of Fortnite, the Lego expansion has been rated E10+, making it more accessible for younger audiences. However, with the base game still rated T for Teen, concerns have arisen over appropriateness.

Epic Games president Adam Sussman addressed these worries by outlining new parental control and monitoring features implemented in Fortnite to help regulate younger players’ experiences:

“One of the things that we recently implemented was a rating system, so each piece of content is rated appropriately for the audience. And we allow – through our parental controls – the parents to decide what type of content their kids will be able to see.”

These expanded controls allow parents to choose which game modes their kids can access based on content ratings and supervision preferences. So while the Lego mode may appeal to younger ages, parents can still block access to more intense content.

Lego and Fortnite Looking to Build Something Bigger

Both Lego and Epic Games have hinted that this crossover is only the first step toward an ongoing partnership between the toymaker and developer. There may be more brick-based modes and content coming further down the line in 2024 and beyond.

As Julia Goldin, Lego’s CMO explained, the success and longevity of the Lego mode is still largely unknown:

“We don’t yet know exactly how the game is going to land, what kids want to do versus what others would like to do, which things are gonna resonate and which things will not.”

But the companies seem optimistic that fans will embrace the blocky battle world they’ve constructed, even if the future shape of this partnership is still uncertain.

For now, fans can enjoy battling, building, and generally embracing their inner child in this bright and colorful new Fortnite game mode. As collaborations go, this may be the most ambitious match-up of brands yet.

Here’s hoping that the Fortnite x Lego crossover fever lasts and that this is merely the base plate for many awesome brick-stuffed adventures to come.

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