Earn $500 a Month in Dividends With This Unique 9% Yielder

Dividend investors are always on the hunt for stocks that can deliver regular, reliable income. And in today’s volatile market

John Smith By John Smith

This High-Yield Hotel Stock Is Checking In With Investors

Apple Hospitality REIT (APLE) has started 2023 on the right foot, with improving operational and financial metrics across its upscale

Sujeet Kushwaha By Sujeet Kushwaha

Warren Buffett’s Top 4 Stocks Account for 71% of Berkshire’s Massive $357 Billion Portfolio

Warren Buffett, the legendary investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, believes in putting big chunks of capital into his highest-conviction

John Smith By John Smith

Kevin O’Leary to Americans: “Stop Buying Coffee and Lunch Out – You’re Wasting Over $15K a Year”

Billionaire investor Kevin O’Leary had blunt advice for Americans who wonder why

Western Asset Intermediate Municipal Fund: Monthly Dividend of $0.031/Share Announced

A closed-end fund called Western Asset Intermediate Municipal Fund (NYSE:SBI), which is

Alaska Airlines Makes Waves with $1.9 Billion Hawaiian Takeover

In one of the largest airline mergers in recent history, Alaska Airlines

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This Retiree Turned $50k into $1 Million in 10 Years With 2 Unlikely Stocks

If you're nearing retirement age, you may be wondering how to grow your nest egg into something that can fully

John Smith By John Smith

Forget Trying to Time the Market – Here Are 2 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

Investing in the stock market can be an intimidating prospect, especially for beginners with limited

By Samantha Miller

Google’s Parent Is Loaded with Over $100 Billion in Cash Reserves – Here’s How They Could Use It

Mountain View, CA - Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL), the parent company of Google and other

By John Smith

Payday Loans or Credit Builder Loans – Which Is the Smarter Choice?

When you have poor credit and need money quickly, payday loans and credit builder loans

By Samantha Miller

Jeff Bezos Cashes In $2B Of Amazon Shares As Fortune Soars

This week, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sold $2 billion of company shares, his first major stock sale since 2021. In

Samantha Miller By Samantha Miller

Net Income 101: How to Calculate it Like a Pro

Net income, also known as net profit, is a key metric that provides a clear picture of a company's bottom

Samantha Miller By Samantha Miller

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Wall Street’s Top Picks: 2 Marijuana Stocks Poised for Explosive Growth Amid Regulatory Shifts

Positive improvements on the regulatory front have sparked a revival in the cannabis business. There

By John Smith

The Fall of Crypto’s Boy Wonder: An Inside Look at Sam Bankman-Fried’s Mismanagement of FTX

In November 2022, the crypto world was rocked when FTX, one of the largest and

By Samantha Miller

Bitcoin Surges Past $35,000 As Global Investment Firms Make Bullish Predictions

The world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has defied market expectations this week by surging past the

By John Smith

Fed Rate Hikes Could Be On Hold As Bond Yields Surge

At upcoming policy meetings in November and maybe December, the Federal Reserve is expected to

By Samantha Miller

REIT Office Properties Income Trust Shows Signs of Turnaround After Failed Merger

Office Properties Income Trust (NASDAQ:OPI), a Newton, Massachusetts based office REIT, has seen its share

By John Smith

Atlanta’s Entrepreneurial Boom Makes It the No. 1 U.S. City for Starting a Business

Atlanta has emerged as the top city for starting a new business, according to recent

By Samantha Miller

Dividend Stocks: 2 to Load Up On Now and 1 to Avoid

Dividend stocks remain a cornerstone investment for many portfolios, providing steady income along with capital

By John Smith

Shopify Stock Primed for Comeback in 2024 After Standout Q3 Earnings

Shopify just gave investors a glimmer of hope after a painful 2022. With strong Q3

By Dhaneshwar Prasad

Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE: EPD): A Steady 7.5% Yielding Stock for All Seasons

It's easy to lose sight of the reliable, calm and steady players in the investment

By John Smith